Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1984 - NENA

04.04.1984, Stadthalle Offenbach, NENA
„Fragezeichen" Tour (Questionmark Tour)
Nena´s second album dominates the charts and at the time of the tour the band reaches the height of their success and one can clearly tell by the fun they have on stage.

"Jeder weiß es ist heiß in dem Land der Elefanten" – the first vocal sounds are not coming from the Rocklady from Hagen NENA, instead Nena – Keyboarder Uwe Fahrenkrog – Petersen starts off the show.

Nena and band are well connected to each other and the show gives them the opportunity to get rid of the childish notion that the boys from SPLIFF are playing the instruments for the band (perhaps even behind the stage).

Straight after "99 Luftballons" "Rette mich" gets played for the second time tonight.

Nena ***
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