Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1990 - Barclay James Harvest & To Hell With Burgendy

20.09.1990, Stadthalle Offenbach: BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST

Two guitars and percussion – that’s the instrumentation of To hell with Burgendy, the band supports Barclay and thereby uses the opportunity to present their new album: “Earthbound”.

Joanne Hensman, Kevin Metchear and Karl Walsh from Manchester leave a positive print with their short performance although the music is not “easy listening”.

After approximately half an hour the music which clearly is influenced by old Celtic folk music gets a bit annoying and despite the wonderful voice of one Karl Walsh one is looking forward to see the band leave the stage – no offence intended. The music is good but a bit boring after a while.

Half an hour later: “Welcome to the show” – Barclay James Harvest are touring in support of their “Welcome to the show” album. Barclay is a band that survives on support of the hardcore fan base that’s around for a good bit and I find it hard to adapt to the non moving band on stage.

Although the show is sold out it is fair to say that people fear that Les Holroyd and his band mates could split up after 24 hours and years after their big successes. The TV ad to the show says: “Barclay James Harvest – the fine British way of good music” and although good 2 ½ hours pure romance is hard to stand at times.

The lightshow makes up for their stiffness and the Butterfly logo used by the band seems to fly under the right circumstances created by clever light technicians.

You also instantly feel that these guys are playing their instruments for a good while and they play really harmonious together.

To Hell with Burgendy ** Barclay James Harvest **

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