Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1989 - Rodgau Monotones & Sound Everest

09.11.1989, Hugenottenhalle Neu – Isenburg: Rodgau Monotones
Support: Sound Everest

The Hessian cult band on tour again – it just so happened to be their last one. At least the last one with singer Henni Nachtsheim.

That alone would make the concert special but for me it was also special me and my ex – workmate Karl E. Heyland were on the guest list. Mainly because we were working with the guys who repaired all the VCRs of the band and we always managed to get them finished quicker than anyone else’s.

The opening act Sound Everest contained of four little boys between 11 and 13 and they played bloody good rock. It was funny to see the boys struggling with the weight of their guitars and the length of the guitar necks. They were great. Fair play to them.

In front of approximately 1000 people the Rodgau Monotones gave it their best. Their repertoire ranged from: “Schön, reich und berühmt” (Beautiful, rich and famous) to “Is´ nur Kino”.

The Monotones deserve the reputation if being THE cult band in Hessia.

Rodgau Monotones ***
Sound Everest **

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