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2005 - Paul Di'Anno

27.02.2005 Whelans, Camden Street, Dublin:
Special Guests:
€ 17,-

“Bruce Dickinson IS the best singer of Maiden … “ (Quote, Paul Di`Anno) – but that doesn’t mean that Di´Anno isn’t a great singer himself. After all, it was his voice that made Iron Maiden famous in the first place. When Maiden exploded, rumour has it, Di´Anno couldn’t handle the pressure that came along with fame. But all that is ages ago and Di´Anno is back on track and back on the road. Or, is he?

Apparently not.

Shortly after 8p.m. the first of two support bands “Involution” started the evening off with a four-song set. Unfortunately, the songs weren’t any good and nobody seemed to have liked them. So: No points for “Involution”.

Almost immediately after “Involution”, “Scavenger” hit the stage to play seven songs to the audience. The songs were way better than “Involution’s” and the audience was way more supportive.

Scavengers singer pointed out that Paul Di´Anno is pretty pissed off because England lost a football match against Ireland on that day and everybody thought that was just a joke.

Apparently it wasn’t – Stoned or drunk or something in between Di´Anno walked on stage and along came a very negative attitude. He constantly gave out about the “fact” that the Dublin crowd was obviously less noisy than the Belfast – crowd has been and when his microphone quit working four times he became furious, shouting at the engineer and telling the audience that he is taking on anyone who wants to fight. He called a “fan” a fucking cunt and when he (finally) said something nice to the audience almost nobody believed that this came from the heart.

Even though Paul and his really brilliant band played some of the classic Maiden tracks, including “Sanctuary” and “Running free” – his voice was not as I had remembered it. Perhaps it was the P.A., perhaps it was his shape – whatever it was, it wasn’t good at all.

A very disappointing evening.

Involution *
Scavenger **
Paul Di´Anno *

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