Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2002 - A-HA

16.10.2002, The Point / Dublin

A-Ha is back touring their current album: “Lifelines”. Two years after their comeback release: “Minor earth – major skies”. The Norwegians are back in business.

They were huge in the 1980s. Their debut single: “Take on me” and the follow up: “The sun always shines on TV” managed to win six MTV™ awards in 1985 and kick started an unprecedented career.

After some successful sold out tours and some platinum albums the band vanished in the 90s.

The new album is a real treat and the guys in their mid to end thirties are giving everything.

The venue is really packed and the concert which marks the final concert of the tour is really brilliant.

The three Norwegians are accompanied by three Swedish guys and the first thing everybody notices when A-ha hits the stage is their phenomenal shape and energy.

Morten, Paul and Magne look well rested and in addition to 2/3rd from the current CD the band also plays cult classics like: “The living daylight”, “Take on me” and “Stay on these roads”.

Soft light effects help the performance.

Magne mentiones that this concert was added to the tour and it seems that A-ha has got more friends in the audience than in the record company. Even though they can’t complain about sales figures as almost everybody sings along to the new tracks.

Besides the opener “Forever not yours” it was especially the charismatic “Time and again” that impressed me highly. Despite numerous microphone and sound problems during the gig Mortens voice sounded full and dynamic and “Summer moves on” sounded exactly like the single version.

After two extra sets a truly grateful band leaves the stage.

A-ha ***

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