Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2003 - Paul Young

18.07.2003 Ambassador / Dublin
Support: Susan Enan

Who would have thought that I will ever get to see one of the biggest names of the 1980s in a top shape in the year 2003?

Paul Young, who can claim to have achieved seven number 1s throughout his career, and his band are picking up speed right from the start. The band members haven’t changed in the last 20 years and one can clearly here and see that.

A few seconds into the gig Paul’s guitarist wants us all to come closer to the stage leaving the security guys staying there with mouths open.

Paul Young looks well rested and fit and he obviously had as much fun as the audience.

He played his biggest songs from “Wherever I lay my hat” over “Come back and stay” to
“Senza una donna” the song he once recorded with Italian singer Zucchero.

He closed the show with “Every time you go away” and he had no problems to shake numerous hands during the evening although he risked to get dragged off stage by some of his female fans.

It was very obvious that Paul Young is into sport and he showed some martial art tricks using his legendary white microphone stand as the opponent.

When the heavily sweating middle aged singer started to make love to it I felt it goes a bit too far as it wasn’t a pleasant sight even though most of the fans wouldn’t agree with this assessment.

Paul Young ***
Susan Enan **

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