Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1996 - Tony Osanah

11.02.1996 Scream Factory, Frankfurt: TONY OSANAH

Vocal lessons giving school “Scream Factory” used the slogan “Best vocals in town” to attract possible customers to their open day where their current students sing along to instrumental tunes and where Tony Osanah plays during the performances.

Best known student Schwester S. didn’t show up.

The school is pretty expensive. DM 1700,- every six months = DM 280,- a month. So I hung around for 6 – 7 students and was really disappointed.

Sound engineer Goetz von Sydow new exactly what he had to do while he taped every performance for the students to take home but the vocalists themselves just didn’t had what it takes just yet.

Armed with a strange looking 8-stringed mixture between a bass and a guitar plus a harmonica Tony Osanah, accompanied by two very good musicians, played roughly 20 minutes.

In those twenty minutes Osanah played a mixture between Latin Jazz and almost Hawaiian music. It is this very mix that regularly attracts a good crowd to the “Andalus” in Frankfurt where he often performs.

I have heard way more groovy stuff in my lifetime and didn’t like it that much although I would certify his undeniable skills.

Tony Osanah **

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