Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2002 - Moby & Lamb

17.11.2002, The Point / Dublin
Support: Lamb

He is a multi talent and his Website portrays him as a thoughtful individual and his music speaks for itself.

This isn’t pop kitsch but good, deep music with massive appeal to all ages and a tendency towards melancholy.

After performances in the States and Asia Moby just entered the European leg of the tour.

The evening began with an early opening of the Point Theatre and the support act: LAMB started their set already around 7.50p.m.

The electro – pop formation reminded me a bit of KOSHEEN . The sound wasn’t brilliant but the best looking female singer on the surface of the planet and their bombastic drum and bass sound they didn’t fail to impress.

Lamb **

Thirty minutes later: MOBY

He played ninety minutes and then some and himself and his perfect band only played the crème de la crème of his extensive catalogue.

From “In this world” to “Another woman” and of course: “We are all made of stars” from his latest CD “18” he also played the world hit from the predecessor Play: “Why does my heart feel so bad?” and ended the show with his breakthrough techno anthem: “Feel so real” from his “Everything is wrong” album.

The band consists of members from diverse countries such as Cuba, America, Asia and Moby knows exactly how to entertain the masses.

He apologises for the politics of “his” president George Bush and says that it is hard at present to be American and that he feels obliged to apologise for it.

His Keyboarder and DJ “RJ” was voted “Best DJ of the world” back in 1998 and Moby and DJ (both wearing black Afro wigs) scratch “against each other” during one song.

The show is absolutely perfect and very energetic. Moby even plays a 36second Speed metal song, funny.

Moby, who plays Bongo, Keys and Guitar during the gig proofs that deep thoughtful music can appeal to the masses although he had his breakthrough with techno songs.

Moby ***

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