Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1997 - 3T

11.03. 1997 Stadthalle Offenbach

The second generation of the legendary Jacksons takes Germany by storm. The sons of Ex – Jackson Five member Tito Jackson are touring in support of their album: “Brotherhood”.

Who thinks that 3T is nothing more than a lame follow up to the Jackson 5 is wrong:

In a well thought out show the boys, together with a five piece band (including two of their cousins), convinced a lot of their critics on stage tonight.

The audience is barely older than 6th grade but this evening does not offer music for kiddies only. The three handsome looking youngsters proofed to the world once more that the name Jackson stands for Quality!

Synchronised dance moves, three part harmonies and either together or solo, one could see that the all three 3Ts know their game.

Despite their songs from the actual Brotherhood album they also covered Oasis´ “Wonderwall”.

Rapper Scott Johnson accompanied the boys during “Gotta be you – gotta be there” and the evning turned nostalgic when no other then 3T – Daddy Tito Jackson paid a visit to the boys on stage.

He talked about his life as a member of the Jackson 5 before he and his three sons, with weird 70s wigs and outfit, played the Jackson 5 classic: “ABC”.

TJ from 3T said that this song is a reminder of how they did it back then and that they are here to continue the legacy into the 90s.

The show ended with “Anything” and “I need you”, absolutely brilliant.

When we left that venue free drinks were waiting for us just outside. Michael Jackson labelled “Mystery drinks” and a free Mystery – magazine (German language) were served as a reminder that the King of Pop Michael Jackson pays a visit to his fans in Germany later in the year although he will perform in arenas in front of thousands and thousands of people while his nephews are currently playing in front of 2500 + people.

Back to the beginning: The Munich based 5 girl combo “Sister, Sister” opened for 3T and offered lively dance floor. Funny is that the girls are aged between 10 and 14 years of age. Great

3T *** Sister, Sister ***

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