Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2002 - Chinese State Circus

07.03.2002 Booterstown / Dublin

At eight o clock on the dot the Chinese state circus kicks off their rather unique show.

One must have a fable for acrobatics in order to appreciate the movements shown by the mostly tiny Chinese artists.

There is this lady for instance who is able to bend herself so much so that she walks on her hands and feet carrying candleholders with burning candles on her belly, her forehead and her hands. Then there is another one sitting on top of a one cycled bike throwing bowls onto her head only using her left foot to lift them up.

Shaolin Kung Fu and sword fighting and “breaking stones” is also part of the show.

A lot of “salto mortale” Chinese style, no animals, no clowns but still an amazing show for all those who are open to a different circus.

Chinese State Circus ***

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