Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1997 - Sound of Frankfurt Festival

12.07.1997 Zeil Frankfurt: Sound of Frankfurt
Das Auge Gottes, Ranger / DJ Ulli Brenner

The „Loveparade“ is on the move in Berlin and Frankfurt answers with this years Sound of Frankfurt Festival along its long shopping mile: ZEIL.

I arrived around 9 p.m. at the “Konstabler Wache” and immediately I was drawn towards sound check sounds from a nearby stage. On stage the German Band: “Das Auge Gottes” (Gods eye) who had a hit in 1996 with “Du hast Jesus Christus an das Kreuz genagelt” (You nailed Jesus Christ to the cross).

The song sounded really good and groovy.

I wanted to meet my sister later on at the cinema but had approximately 45 minutes to enjoy the Frankfurter Grunge band: “Ranger” – a 4-piece band who impressed me a lot and their Motörhead cover: “Killed by death” was super.

Giving in to my girlfriends wining I ended up on the Techno – stage of Radio HR 3 Club Night. Hundreds of sweating, smelling dancers / ravers are grooving to the DJs choice of music. The DJ Ulli Brenner impressed with perfect transitions between songs and I also got to see DJ Taucher wo flew over from Berlin where he had DJ d earlier in the day.

I wasn’t too comfortable in the midst of all those smelly chaps and girls and I left the scene quickly. Maybe I am too old for that sort of thing.

Das Auge Gottes ** Ranger ** Ulli Brenner **

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