Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1995 - Motoerhead

24.04.1995 Stadthalle Offenbach: MOTÖRHEAD

Grip Inc. plus singer / screamer Dave Lombardo had 45 minutes to prepare the audience for a meeting with Lemmy Kilmister but they were brutal.

The town hall was only half full and the acoustic was the worst ever. I have seen so many bands in the same hall and the town hall is renown for their superb acoustic. However, all throughout the evening the sound was horrible.

Grip Inc. is a synonym for Thrash Metal of the weird kind. Hard Bass- and Drum lines, distorted guitars and screaming. Anything but music.

The blondish punk-era hair cut, the chest and belly button piercing and the huge tattoo of a raven sitting on brunches with the embedded lines: “The Power Of The Inner Strength” made Lombardo something interesting but slightly weird to look at.

“The power of the good voice” is what concerned me more – Lombardo just screamed. The man can’t sing at all.

I needed a while to digest this but it only took 10 minutes before Motörhead appeared on stage.

Lemmy greets his fans with a German: “Guten Abend” and instantaneously the audience is captured and all eyes are set on Lemmy.

“We are Motörhead and we are Rock and Roll” announces Lemmy, who doesn’t wear a black jeans this time. Instead he wears a rather uninteresting greyish jeans which looks pale in comparison.

Unfortunately the acoustic was as pale as his jeans. Even before the first song he has to buy time, saying: “… we will be rock and roll in a minute” because the drums are not coming over monitor and the drummer looks slightly lost.

Finally, a song, and everybody starts to push towards the stage nearly knocking me down with elbows. I had to abandon my “first row position” and found a more secure space in the back from which I still could see Wizzo and Lemmy.

“I’m so bad (baby, I don’t care)”, Metropolis” or “You better run” sounded great. I only recognized “Mean machine” because it had been announced.

Approximately 35 minutes into the show the whole acoustic went haywire and everything sounded distorted and most of the songs were beyond recognition.

I decided to leave the concert. The acoustic wasn’t Lemmys fault but it ruined my evening completely.

On a negative note with regards to Motörhead´s line up: I liked them way more when they were a four piece band. The second guitar added a lot to the mood of their most successful albums after “Ace of spades”: “1916” and “March ör die”.

I cant really evaluate Motörheads performance but I am not sure if I would go to see them again anyway.

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