Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1995 - Hessen wird 50 Festival

23.09.1995 Schlosspark Wiesbaden – Biebrich:

Under the motto „for free and open air“ Radio FFH organised a festival as part of the festivities regarding the 50th anniversary of the county HESSIA.

The weather was superb and the park was packed. One of the acts were the legendary Temptations.

They played for almost an hour where they played some of their hits like “Papa was a rollin stone” or “My Girl” and cover versions of Kool and the Gang and Whitney Houston classics.

I was performing there with my own band Digital Dreams and had the chance to meet and greet the Temptations backstage. Even though they have aged a lot the spirit is still there. They like to play and they were very nice people.

After their performance the Big Band style combo The Sound of Frankfurt played the first of two gigs. Saxophonist George Liszt from the “Thomas Koschwitz – RTL late night show” played in the band.

In between their sets my band played as well. Sound of … were really good and they made it a sport to lower our volume and mute some tracks while we were on stage which is very unfair among musicians. But that’s the way it was.

Temptations ***
Sound of Frankfurt **

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