Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1996 - Scorpions

01.11.1996 Festhalle Frankfurt
Support: Beth Hard Band

1996 drew to a close and the one and only German hard rock band to ever reach global recognition is on tour again and they are highly anticipated on the stage on which so many great artists have played already.

They are touring in support of their new album: “Pure Instinct”. The Scorpions proofed to have a good instinct already by putting out the ballade “You and I”. In the magazine “Rockmusiker II / 96” vocalist Klaus Meine says: “... the first songs were written in Autumn 1994 after the last tour …”.

He also said the following about the album: “ When you’re writing songs you’re almost like a pathfinder, always on the search for the inspiration that turns a good song into an wonderful one. This record is free from all political ballast and deals more with relationships, emotions. We just tried to musically translate the various things that are effecting us at the moment”.

Lets move on to the concert itself:

She is tall, blonde, beautiful, slim and has got a powerful and exciting voice. Sensible and wild at the same time. Her musicians on Guitar, Drums and Bass are at least as professional as the lady that gives her name to the band herself: Beth Hart.

Barefoot and in her movements very reminiscent of Joe Cocker Beth twirls around the stage for 45 minutes trying to prepare the audience for the Scorpions.

It is not really hard rock what the band from L.A. is offering. It is more some sort of cross over, all in all pretty melodic and nice to listen to.

Then a few minutes later it is getting ecstatic and turbulent in the packed venue. Lightning brings light to the dark hall and a voice speaks to the audience via p.a. system: “ … under the right circumstances they can make monsters”. Scorpions on stage

After their opener “Tease me, please me” more highlights are to be performed: “Holiday”, “Bad boys running wild” as well as some tracks from the new release. Especially “You and I” seems to impress the masses.

The Scorpions from Hanover are playing a lot of softer songs like “Still loving you” and of course: “Wind of change”.

Apparently fresh and fit the Scorpions look like a new band that looks forward to their first tour. The new drummer fits in well and the audience cheers loudly during his drum solo. They are living legends but are really cool about it and for a cool show even without gasping effects, the Scorpions still seem to have the pure instinct.

The Scorpions *** Beth Hart Band **

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