Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2002 - Four Seasons by Candlelight

23rd November 2002, National Concert Hall / Dublin
The Four Seasons By Candlelight

It was the very first classical music concert I ever witnessed and on the tickets it said: “Choir Balcony” meaning BEHIND the musicians.

The ensemble consisted of roughly 25 musicians in historic costumes and wigs “armed” with numerous Violins, Contrabass, Oboe, Clarinets, trumpets and a piano supported by vocalist Elisabeth Cragg. The evening promised interpretations of musical works from G.F. Haendel, Mozart and Beethoven’s “little night music”.

With the exception of musical director and conductor David Hill everybody else showed us only their backs but that didn’t really matter.

The performance was well thought out, everybody seemed to be very focussed and stiff at times but musically it was all worth it.

Only occasionally south African born Violin player David Jurtz, renown for his work with the London Mozart Players, got to play the Violin for the audience.

He signed the DVD to the show later on. He asked me whether there should be a dedication on it and I said: “To Nicole” and ended up with a signed DVD saying: “To Colin”!

Over two years living abroad and they still don’t seem to understand me. 

The 4 Seasons By Candlelight ***

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