Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1997 - Youssou N'Dour

1. Mainzer Zeltfestival
04.07.1997 Volkspark / Mainz

Perhaps it wasnt our day – the « Senegal lion » Youssou N Dour already roared for about 30 minutes when we finally arrived at the tent due to work- , weather- and bike conditions.

The sound was cool but the music of the man who toured with A – list stars including Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman and Sting, wasn’t as groovy as I thought it would be.

The show and the band were good especially the African dancers and the female vocalist with whom N Dour sang his hit “Seven seconds”. US Rap star Neneh Cherreh sang the duet with Youssou but wasn’t with him on tour.

The “replacement” was visually far more exciting but her voice wasn’t half as good as Nenehs.

One has to admit that N Dour and his band are professionals although his “Afropop” doesn’t do much for me.

Youssou N Dour **

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