Thursday, September 20, 2007

2005 - Elton John

02.07.2005 RDS Arena, Dublin
Support: James Blunt, Rufus Wainwright

The concert day coincided with the historical LIVE8 concerts, once more organised by Sir Bob Geldof. This time Geldof had arranged 9 concerts simultaneously around the globe. “Make poverty history” was the slogan used for the events. All concerts were entrance free. “We don’t want your money – we want your name” (Geldof) – the name was wanted on the pledge to make poverty history, available on the especially created Website: - 9 cities, 150 bands, 2 million spectators, 3.8 billion viewers!

Due to the fact that Elton John was performing @ LIVE8 in London earlier in the day the gates of the RDS opened at 1p.m. and from 2 p.m. onwards LIVE8 was broadcasted on big screens until 6p.m., the time when James Blunt plus band was coming on stage.

Blunt was very nice and his songs were all well interpreted by him and his band. The songs are all love songs really and their 40 minutes set was nice to listen to / look at.

Only minutes later Rufus Wainwright and his bunch of musicians entered the stage. Rufus´ sense of humour was hilarious although most of the material played was rather serious or at least not meant to be taken funny.

Most of his songs weren’t easy listening at all but they were showcased with professionalism and fun and therefore were really enjoyable.

Only minutes later Elton John and his brilliant band were on. Boy, they were great. In a bit over two hours Elton John played some tracks from his current album: “Peachtree Road” as well as tracks from the just completed “Billy Elliot” musical score.

And Elton also played a number of his world hits, including: “Daniel”, “Sad Songs”, “That’s why they call it the Blues”, “Don’t let the sun go down and me”, “Rocket man” and “This song”.

Elton John is a virtuous piano player and a brilliant singer. He was full of energy and accompanied by drums, guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards and (at least sometimes) an eight headed choir Elton Johns performance was mind blowing.

The mood was good and the RDS was really packed.

Elton John *** Rufus Wainwright *** James Blunt ***

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