Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2002 - D-Mode

25.05.2002, Temple Bar Music Centre / Dublin
D – Mode

Laughed at in Germany and only used for rural tent discotheques are tribute bands a totally different animal as they are met with open arms and the audience doesn’t mind minor mistakes.

To re – interpret the show and songs of Depeche Mode is not an easy task given that Depeche Mode is the nr.1 dance floor act on the surface of the planet.

D – Mode were really brilliant. Admittedly, their singer had problems keeping up the pace at times but as the evening unfold the band including their front man found their own pace and from “Personal Jesus” to numerous songs from the current “Exciter” album D – Mode played all.

They best performed the “songs of faith and devotion” and especially “Walking in my shoes” sounded like Depeche with eyes closed.

They only played 90 minutes because they aren’t doing this for long but that will hopefully change in time.

“No hidden catch, no strings attached – just D-Mode”

D-Mode **

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