Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2003 - Iron Maiden

01.12.2003 The Point Theatre / Dublin
Support: Funeral for a friend

It was for the first time in over a decade that British rock legend IRON MAIDEN was to perform in Ireland.

The Point was sold out and with our balcony tickets we had the best seats in the house.

The stage had been transformed into an old abbey and the huge canvas with the often changing images was great.

Maiden played all their hits: “The number of the beast”, “Brave new world”, “The trooper”, “Run to the hills” and classic tracks like “Hallowed be thy name” and “Can I play with madness”.

Singer Bruce Dickinson, who has just returned to Maiden after an attempt to go solo, apologized to the audience for not being around for a while. He then said: “MTV refuses to play our new video because they say our audience is too old!” – the crowd was furious but it proofed my point that music has become a manufactured product and bands like Iron Maiden are a real exception.

The sic new tracks from their new album: “Dance of death” were simply brilliant and after more than twenty years Iron Maiden doesn’t seem to slow down at all.

Iron Maiden ***

The opening act Funeral for a friend had a 45 minutes gig and they were loud and not very melodic. The acoustic was great throughout their performance but to put it simple: Their music was crap.

Funeral for a friend *

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