Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2003 - Peco & Blotooth

12.06.2003 Temple Bar Music Centre / Dublin
BLOTOOTH gave twelve bands the chance to perform for a wider audience. There were two halls: the main hall and the side room.

The side room was more to my liking as it was a more intimate setting and the acoustic acts were to play there.

My passion for music wasn’t actually the reason for me being there. I had answered an add from “blotooth” as they were looking for a keyboarder and I talked to singer Myles and we agreed to meet there.

Another keyboarder talked to him while I was walking into the room but I don’t fear competition.

The side room was packed and with 30 people overcrowded. PECO kicked off accompanied by Bassist Philly and his set was approximately 20 minutes long. He played self written material which was reminiscent of David Gray, his voice was good and he seemd to be a genuinely nice guy. Nevertheless the songs didn’t really convince me.

Peco **

Only minutes later Myles and Dara from Blotooth had some issues with the P.A. before they finally started playing together. There set was also roughly 20 minutes long and they played six tracks from their shortly released debut CD.

The two part harmonies sounded great and the songs played with a 12stringed guitar were interesting sound wise.

But I found the material lacked originality and depth and I wasn’t sure if I want to be part of that and we never met again.

Blotooth **

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