Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1996 - Michael Bolton

01.03.1996 August Schärtner Halle, Hanau: MICHAEL BOLTON

The acoustic in row 29 on seats 21 and 22 was so bad during the support act, that I couldn’t even catch their name. I was hoping that the sound will improve when Michael Bolton was on.

After the support act had left the stage there was a little time gap before US – Star Michael Bolton, who has sold over 35 million albums and therefore ranks among the most successful solo artists of his time, would be on stage.

Me and Karen, the girl I went to the concert with, were on our way to the drinks when we met my sister who happened to have tickets for the sixth row and she was willing to swap as she wanted to watch the show safe from her bosses who had tickets for the same row. Nice one!

The stage set was superb and the light and stage decoration very often changed from song to song. Centre of attention nonetheless: Michael Bolton.

Bolton opened the “Greatest Hits” tour with his current song “Can I touch you there?!”.

Bolton’s band was perfect and they even played two solo pieces. During those pieces Michael Bolton used the opportunity to emerge from the middle of the hall where he sang a song before he was accompanied to the main stage by security officers.

Michael Bolton, who also wrote songs for Cher, who sang when US President Bill Clinton was sworn into office and who partially wrote the Kiss smash hit: “Forever” played all his great tunes.

“I said I loved you but I lied” and the breakthrough hit “How am I supposed to live without you?” where particularly great.

The man with the rough voice also sang the Sam Cooke classic: “Sitting on the dock of the bay”.

Highlight of the show was an opera tune he once recorded with Luciano Pavarotti for his “Pavarotti and friends II” album.

The concert was great and never boring even though Bolton’s material is mostly for the heart and not really danceable.

Michael Bolton ***

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