Sunday, November 26, 2017

25.11.2017 02 Institute Birmingham: Howard Jones Support act: Dan Burton

Originally planned to take the slot of support act were ‘Men without hats’ but mere days before the Birmingham gig that was changed to Dan Burton, a young man, probably in his early 20s who has just released his very first EP.

While battling some sound issues especially related to his microphone Burton played some high energy pop, reminiscent of the good old 80s and 90s and his songs were poppy and easy to listen to. Dan himself was really sweet and friendly and well received by the audience.


Howard Jones’s set included all the greats including ‘Like to get to know you well’, ‘Hide & seek’, ‘No one is to blame’, ‘Human Touch’, the ever beautiful ‘What is love’ and ‘You know I love you … don’t you?’ which he dedicated to the audience.

Armed with a drummer, a percussionist (all electronic of course), a guitarist and an additional synthesizer guy Howard Jones, whose voice is still superb, upped the ante from the start and the songs were all amazing sounding and performed energetically with humour.

Beautiful video backdrops and great lighting all helped the evening to be memorable. Great night out for sure. He must be the coolest dude over 60 on the planet


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