Monday, March 13, 2017

11.03.2017 Among The Echoes, Sinestar & Shelter

The Flapper, Birmingham, 11.03.2017

A sold out evening in aid of the ‘promise dreams’ charity (a charity that aims to fulfil the dreams of seriously and/or terminally ill children) can only be a good thing. And the bands delivered beautifully.

One of my favourite bands Shelter kicked off the evening and they were amazing from start to finish and out of the three bands of the evening certainly the most ‘obviously synthy’ act.

They performed material from their two albums ‘Emerge’ and ‘Ascend’ and some of the tracks were presented in new and exciting remix formats as well. From the word go the audience was hooked on Shelter and the duo ended their set with the song ‘Beautiful’, co-written by Erasure’s Andy Bell and their set was just that: beautiful.

4-piece Sinestar from Bristol had a 10 track set and were difficult to pidgeon hole (always a good thing in my opinion) and their set was mostly high energy songs but with a slightly softer voice than one would have expected. They brought many friends/fans with them who loudly sang along to their music, making the set even more enjoyable.

Among The Echoes’ very own Ian Wall (who had a hand in organising the evening) celebrated his 50th birthday that night and was presented with a certificate that denoted him owning a piece of the moon and a slideshow containing best wishes from friends and family preceded the gig.

Berlin resident Thomas Mueller aka Keller Technik who had remixed the Echoes’ track ‘Medusa’ flew in from Germany to play with them on stage that night.

Although good they weren’t quite as much my cup of tea as much as Shelter & Sinestar were but certainly entertained the crowd.

It was a beautiful evening with great live acts and a lovely audience.

Well done all  

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