Saturday, June 11, 2016

DEEP FOREST and friends

10.06.2016 Scala, London

Eric Mouquet aka DEEP FOREST has released a brandnew album titled ‘Evo-Devo’ (Evolution – Development) and after a few gigs recently in Russia Eric and his friends are playing London tonight.

Having interviewed Eric twice it was a real pleasure seeing him in person and a space in the front row and smack bang in the middle as well afforded me a good spot from which to enjoy the concert.

To say it was good would be an understatement – it was fantastic from beginning to end.

Joined on stage by Diamond Duggal on guitar and Novation Launchpad/beats and Senegalese bass player/vocalist Alune Wade the three musicians brought the house down.

Playing many a tune from the new album such as ‘Sing with the birds’ or ‘Oyme’s song’ for which he was joined on stage by Russian vocalist Oyme (who also sang other tracks on stage) the gig was quite sample – heavy, well known ones from the previous albums and therefore the main hits.

Eric ‘sang’ the “vocoderised” vocals on ‘Endangered species’ and reminded the audience to download an app that allows one to play nature and bird song via ones phone, thus helping to turn the venue into a virtual forest.

From the get go DEEP FOREST connected well with the audience and towards the end of the show dub-step artist ‘Gaudi’ joined the band on stage using a Korg MS 20 and a Theremin to add sound effects and ‘oomph’ to the proceedings.

With a low entrance fee of just £13.50 it was in inexpensive and simply wondrous, magical evening with a very warm and human band on stage void of pretense and one could see how much they enjoyed themselves and the interaction with the audience.

Superb xxx

photo credit (c) Nicole Valentin

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