Sunday, April 12, 2015

11.04.2015 Mark & Chris Jenkins – Edgar Froese Tribute Concert

The Big Chill House, London

“There is no death – just a change of cosmic address” (Edgar Froese).

In January 2015 Tangerine Dream founder Edgae Froese passed away aged 70.

Mark Jenkins (who we recently interviewed) is an electronic music conveyor who has also worked with ex – Tangerine Dream members in the past.

When his brother Chris had the idea to record a tribute album with Edgar Froese inspired new electronic material Mark got onboard and tonight the brothers performed their tribute album “Change Of Cosmic Address” at the Big Chill House, near Kings Cross in London, FREE of charge.

The evening consisted of two sets: For roughly 50 minutes Mark played semi – improvised songs with the odd Klaus Schulze song thrown in before Chris joined him for the second set, the entire new album.

With a Moog Theremini and rack versions of the Korg MS2000B and the Kraftzwerg and many other great little machines on stage including a modern iPod, the brothers got into the groove and their eight-tracks CD went down well.

With sunglasses and funny T-shirts their humour was delightful and so were the songs that were, in typical Edgar Froese style, very sequencer-driven indeed.

It was all over by 9 pm and it was time for us to head back to Birmingham with great memories and a signed CD by the Jenkins brothers.

What more can one ask for!!

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