Friday, June 1, 2012

31.05.2012 Gary Numan @ HMV Institute, Birmingham (UK)

Six years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Gary Numan while working for NEAR FM in Dublin/Ireland. He was a very genuine, warm-hearted and honest gentleman to talk to. “I need more fans” he’d told me then – well, one look around at the packed venue tonight made me think that this surely isn’t an issue any longer.
The “Machine Music” tour came to Birmingham and I managed to be in the first row and able to watch Gary and his band up close. The band “Officers” opened up for Gary Numan and their songs were athmospheric and well presented. A great beginning to a great evening. Not long after the “officers” had left the stage Gary and the boys came on.
The lighting and backdrops were brilliant all throughout the show and I especially liked the news reel footage that was being shown during “Absolution”, which sounded simply stunning live. Numan performed a variety of songs from all areas of his back catalogue from “Cars” to “The Fall”. The evening ended with the Tubeway Army hit “Are friends electric?” sung by hundreds of loyal fans.
Musically speaking the band played really tight and well and Gary Numan’s voice sounded really strong and powerful. I somewhat sensed that “Cars” was just performed because it sort of had to be done but other than that Gary was really into the performance and the audience loved him for that. He has often been described as an icon and he truly is!

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