Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Home of Metal" exhibition in Birmingham/England

HOME OF METAL is an amazing exhibition currently on display in Birmingham/England, long hailed as the birthplace of Heavy Metal, with the major success of Black Sabbath creating something truly unique.

The exhibition is a must-see experience for all heavy rock lovers even though it obviously highlights bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Napalm Death and other bands from this unique geographical area.

The exhibition offers its visitors the chance to put on a wig and play drums or guitar and enjoy making music for a while but, more importantly, offers an insight into the times and lives of four lads from Aston (a Birmingham suburb) collectively known as Black Sabbath. Sabbath' musical whiz-kid Tony Iommi even lent some of his equipment to Home Of Metal.

Artwork, tour programs and stage clothes are on display and videos are looped featuring interviews with fans and band members - many newspaper clips from the late 1960's to mid seventies are on display, too to show the visitor what the economic- and political environment was like back then for these bands growing up in and around Birmingham.

£ 6,- p.Person is the entrance fee which is more than reasonable.

I am living in Erdington these days and never knew of its musical background

Also on display: "Metal Hammer" magazines from 1997 - 2011

Sabbath all the way

Probably more Quo than Sabbath - you gotta start somewhere

Family Tree

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