Sunday, April 12, 2009

2009 - ULTRAVOX in Glasgow

SECC Glasgow/Scotland, April 11th 2009

RETURN TO EDEN tour 2009

Midge Ure and co. are back in full force

ULTRAVOX taking a bow in their native Scotland

Dark yet melodic - ULTRAVOX!

Midge Ure and his companions from ULTRAVOX gave it their all and they delivered beautifully. From "Vienna" to "Hymn" and "Perfect Stranger" they played many great classics without sounding dated or 80's. With three synths on stage, bass and e-guitar and even electro violin and both acoustic and e-drums on stage, there was enough variety in their performance to never get bored.

The venue was very nice and calm and orderly yet wild. The evening didn't pass without technical problems here and there but ULTRAVOX are real pros.

Their material sounded actually much better live than on record and sounded partially Gothik and dark-electro.

It was a very energetic performance and well thought out - brilliant!

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