Monday, September 29, 2008

OMD 78/08 - 30th anniversary tour, support: Cowboy X

OMD kicked off last years' "Morality & Architecture" show here in Dublin and made a phenomenal return when they played the Ambassador Venue on September 28th 2008.

The backdrops weren't anything short of fantastic and the band was in good spirit and really kicked ass. This years' show was even better than their 2007 gig.

The set included songs from the mentioned album as well as the much loved hits "Tesla Girls" and "Sailing on the seven seas" from the 1991 "Sugartax" album.

In the midst of their set a mixing desk blew and the front-of-house PA went dead, what resulted in a forced 20 minutes break.

When OMD returned to the stage Andy said: "I hope you've all done your Christmas shopping because we're not going before we've played the entire set" - as the crowd cheered on OMD picked up speed straight away and they delivered beautifully.

Brilliant ***

Support Act "Cowboy X", consisting of three blokes and a lady, were a mix of alternative grunge and electronica. They were pretty good and their songs certainly appealed to the Irish audience.

Good **

All in all - a great night out for less than Euro 50,-

Support Act "Cowboy X" were actually pretty good
During "Tesla Girls"
Drummer Malcolm
Beautiful backdrops underlined the brilliant music
Andy McClusky in full swing
Paul Humphreys

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