Monday, May 30, 2011

SADE "Soldier of love" World Tour 2011

LG Arena, Birmingham - May 29th 2011
support act: The Jolly Boys

(Picture left: My girlfriend making sure we get a portion of fries before the show)

Shortly after entering the massive building that houses the LG Arena we came across an acoustic stage where a local band called "Charishma" performed. We only enjoyed one song but really liked what we heard.

The music was very much in the same vain as tonights' main act: SADE

Before Sade came on we had the pleasure of enjoying a strange yet remarkably compelling music act from Jamaica: "The Jolly Boys" - all 'old age pensioner' type musicians but really fun to watch and listen to as they mostly delivered cover songs from Johny Cash's great "Ring of fire" to the Rolling Stones classic "You can't always get what you want". All presented in traditionally instrumented Jamaican style.

Their gig lasted just under an hour and only a couple minutes later the main show began.

"Soldier of love" is Sade Abu's first full length studio album in 11 years and Sade, born in Africa to an English mother who returned to the UK with her and her brother Benji when she was a mere 4 years old, looks stunning. Not only for a lady born in 1959 but she simply is a very beautiful, elegant artist with a voice to match.

The stage show was high-end with videos, great lights and musicians who could emerge including their instruments from sort of out of the ground and rise up pretty high on that dark, athmospheric stage.

Less is more was the theme of the evening as the often sparse instrumentation left enough room for Sade's voice to really shine and where the return of saxophone and guitar solos could be celebrated.

The new material did blend in with the older classics like "Sweetest Taboo" or "Is it a crime?" and of course "Smooth Operator".

My girlfriend had entered our details into a draw and via the 'Birmingham Mail' we won those precious concert tickets.

I clearly wouldn't have decided to go and see Sade but am so glad that fate got me those tickets.

That was a night for a middle aged guy like myself: Real musicians, live vocals!

It was simply mesmerizing!!

Great colours and backgrounds

Colour or plain black and white: For a lady in her early 50's she looks more than amazing

The stageproduction was superb.

Merchandise was way too expensive and not my size anyway

SADE and band at the LG Arena in Birmingham, May 29th 2011

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bill jones said...

World concert tour of SADE was great. The stage was so colorful and the music serenades everyone at the venue. It was so memorable.